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Emendara - verb - Latin for "to mend or remove fault."
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Emendara LLC is a start-up determined to shake up the software world.


The company leads in the development of computational logic verification, a breakthrough approach to proving the correctness of source code. Based on that process, Emendara created a tool called CodeTrue© which is capable of:

...rapidly identifying and locating all faults, in the source code of any software system or system of systems.

As audacious as this may sound at first, we are very serious about this promise. We ask only for open minds willing to hear us out...and to try us out.

We see this as a calling as well as the application of a game-changing technology. More business problems are caused by faulty software than any other factor and the situation is becoming intolerable.

Software guru Capers Jones opined software to have "the highest failure rates of any product in human history due to poor quality." Roger Sessions, the complexity expert, suggested that software failure has cost as much as the recent financial meltdown. The difference is that this loss is incurred year after year and it's increasing by 15 percent annually. He concludes: "If the United States could solve the problem of IT failure, it could increase its GDP by over one trillion dollars per year." And that is what we're all about.

We are pleased to announce that the capability to prove that code is fault-free is now a reality. The proof-of-concept model of CodeTrue© is complete. The next phase of development is to expand the model into a prototype that can be easily used in beta-testing. Currently we're looking for ‘early adopter' companies willing to help beta-test the financial and performance benefits. If that is of interest to your organization, please begin the conversation by contacting Chief Engineer Brian Smith at or call 602-317-5313