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As of this writing Emendara's CodeTrue© technology is in the Prototype stage. If the prospect of fault-free code and the benefits it can bring to your organization is of interest, we'd like to hear from you.

We are looking for innovative, leading-edge organizations to work with us for mutual benefit. The process is quite simple: you provide access to the source code of a program or two that you've developed or implemented. Emendara's systems engineers will work with you to apply the CLV technology and identify the location of all faults within that code.

As an ‘early-adopter' you will also be extended a very attractive preferred arrangement should you choose to add CodeTrue© to your software tool suite.

Please submit the form below and we'll contact you immediately to discuss the possibilities.

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"Add the discovery that fewer than 20 percent of organizations have a strategy to handle this financial waste and lack of system performance and an enormous and urgent opportunity presents itself."

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