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The Benefits of CodeTrue©

  • Cuts software verification and validation costs and schedules in half.
  • Minimizes customer acceptance testing.
  • Source code faults rapidly found before the software is moved out of the lab.
  • Ensures compatibility of new programs before integrating into legacy systems.
  • Reduces user-encountered problems.
  • Forestalls financial and loyalty losses due to privacy and security breaches.
  • Makes for much happier and more innovative system engineers and programmers.

Given that, on average, corporations spend 40% of their IT budget on software maintenance - in government it's 73% - or that 25% of software projects are abandoned before completion, these benefits will add significantly to performance and profitability.

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"Software has one of the highest failure rates of any product in human history." Capers Jones
How it Works

Computational Logic Verification (CLV) is a different approach to proving software correctness. The primary process can be summarized in the following steps:

  • The code statements are analyzed with formal logic rules to ensure the software is semantically correct.
  • The output data set is tracked backwards through the logic to ensure that it is consistent with the input data set.
  • Arithmetic calculations are condensed and integrated into the logic analysis.
  • Computation threads are examined for end-to-end correctness.
Some of the technical benefits CodeTrue© provides:
  • The computational correctness of the code is verified through a formal logic analysis rather than being inferred by specific responses to data.
  • Data is evaluated as a set rather than data points.  This means that complete coverage can be generated with just a few sets. 
  • Interfaces are verified as the source code of modules, programs and systems are added together.
  • The scope of the data set determines the scope of correctness so test cases can be developed to cover requirements issues.
Should you wish a deeper dive into the technology please contact our Chief Engineer Brian Smith at The opportunity to  explain further and demonstrate how CodeTrue¬© can make a major contribution to your organization will be welcomed.